Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blood Diamond (movie)

Title: Blood Diamond

Directed by: Edward Zwick

Year, production: 2006, USA

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Djimon Hounsou, Jennifer Connelly, Kegiso Kuypers, Antony Coloman, Arnold Vosloo, David Harewood, ...

Runtime: 143 min

Action is placed in Sierra Leone, South Africa, Guinea and Europe. It is year 1999, a civil war in Sierra Leone. Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou), a Mende fisherman wants to find his family after he managed to escape from diamond fields. Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio) who is a mercenary from South Africa meets him in prison and find out that he hid a priceless diamond.

After getting out of a prison he helps Salomon to find his family but he has to lead him to the diamond. They managed to escape from Freetown which was taken by rebels. Together with met American journalist Maddy Bowen (Jennifer Connelly) they are trying to find Salomon family and the diamond.

Danny Archer whose parents were killed when he was 9 years old is a well trained mercenary/soldier who fought in Angola, a tough guy. He leaves from selling weapons for diamonds.

The main message is that people die because of diamnods, gold and other rare things in Africa and that nobody cares or only few what is happening in Africa.

Some time ago I saw a documentary movie about civil wars in Africa and that children are forced to fight and kill, so that is true for those who don't belive.

I saw this movie in cinema yesterday and I’m really impressed of DiCaprio’s role. He is a very good actor, I think. I like the way he talks, interesting accent. I found that this language that he speaks (specially on the beginning of the movie, later as well) is called Krio -

Funny dialog with the rebellion guy . DiCaprio said Who are you? The guy: I’m a captain Rambo. DiCaprio: Oh yeah, I have seen your movies. (as far as I remember). It will be funny when you see it in the movie :)

I think that DiCaprio will get a lot of roles now. The movie is nominated in several categories like Best Actor (Leonardo DiCaprio), Best sound, Best editing and more. Will see if Leo gets the Oscar.

I defenitly must by a DVD with this movie.

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jedimerc said...

I was hoping to see this myself... just hadn't had the chance. The next movie I will probably see is 'Breach' about the Robert Hansen FBI scandal. Oh, and thanks for dropping by my blog.

I also like the list of war movies. Some great ones and some I have not seen in awhile.