Saturday, November 04, 2006

Born on the Fourth of July (movie)

Title: Born on the Fourth of July

Year, production: 1989, USA

Directed by: Oliver Stone

Cast: Tom Cruise, Caroline Kava, Raymond J. Barry, Josh Evans, Jamie Talisman, Anne Bobby, Dale Dye, Tom Berenger, Tom Sizemore, Oliver Stone, William Baldwin, ...

Runtime: 145 min.

This is a biography of Ron Kovic. He was paralyzed in the Vietnam war after he was shoot. When he came back he became anti-war activist. He just thought that he is betrayed by his country for which he fought.

This movie is not a typical war movie, more like a drama but I think it should be here. There is not much fight and shooting. It is about the changes of Ron Kovic (Tom Cruise) after war. For me it is another great movie about vietnam war just after Platoon. It is also consider as a second part of Oliver Stone's vietnam war trilogy. First is Platoon and the third is Heaven & Earth.

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