Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Band of Brothers (movie)

Title: Band of Brothers

Year, production: 2001, UK/USA

Directed by:

  • Phil Alden Robinson - part 1 "Currahee"

  • Richard Loncraine - part 2 "Day of Days"

  • Mikael Salomon - part 3 "Carentan"

  • David Nutter - part 4 "Replacements"

  • Tom Hanks - part 5 "Crossroads"

  • David Leland - part 6 "Bastogne"

  • David Frankel - part 7 "The Breaking Point"

  • Tony To - part 8 "The Last Patrol"

  • David Frankel - part 9 "Why We Fight"

  • Mikael Salomon - part 10 "Points"

Cast: Eion Bailey, Ron Livingston, Donnie Wahlberg, Matthew Settle, Rick Warden, Frank John Hughes, Damian Lewis, Neal McDonough, Scott Grimmes, Rick Gomez, David Schwimmer, Dexter Fletcher, James Madio...

Runtime: 705 min. (10 parts)

This is a story about Easy Company of the US Army Airbourne Paratrooper division in operation in France in World War II.

  • Part 1: CURRAHEE - training and deployment

  • Part 2: DAY OF DAYS - D-day

  • Part 3: CARENTAN - Easy Company tries to capture the town of Carentan

  • Part 4: REPLACEMENTS - A group of fresh replacements joins Easy Company in times of market garden operation in Holland

  • Part 5: CROSSROADS - Capt. WINTERS leads Easy Company men on a risky mission in Holland which ends with "turkey shoot" of fleeing German soldiers

  • Part 6: BASTOGNE - Belgium, Easy Company digs foxholes in the snow close to the town colled Bastogne

  • Part 7: THE BREAKING POINT - After successfull heldo of German forces from taking Bostogne Easy company is preparing to take town Foy

  • Part 8: THE PATROL - War is coming to end. Guys from Easy Company have to cross the river and take German prosoners. Not every one is hapy about that.

  • Part 9: WHY WE FIGHT - Easy Comany has entered Germany and found prison camp...

  • Part 10: POINTS - there are news that Hitler is dead. Easy Company went to bavarian town Berchtesgaden and has a mission to capture Hitler’s mountain fortress known as Eagle’s Nest

It is based on the book of Stephen Ambrose, "Band of Brother".

What to say? Janusz KamiƄski as a camera operator like in movie Private Rayn. Great series. I have seen it only 2 times but definetly I'm gonna see it more times. My favorite parts are Day of Days, Crossroads, The Breaking Point.


Anonymous said...

I have the boxset and seen it a number of times.
The thing about this movie is you can watch an episode by itself and still feel you have seen a complete movie.
I watch it with a humble heart and gratitude to the greatset generation..

Anonymous said...

Bravo two zero is an awesome story for sure!! I can't wait to pick up the bravo 2 0 box set